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Hac IT - Product Viewer & Sourcer v. 3.2.3 Release Notes

Version History:

[New From v 3.2.3]
- Fontsize bug fixed
- Product Initial zoom bug fixed
- Silent Software Update checker added

[New From v 3.2.2]
- Output Format now switchable in Excel Image Extractor
- PDF Offer Feature Added
- WYSIWYG Comment Feature on PDF Offer & PDF Order added
- Home Header Image feature enhanced
- Iconsize feature enhanced
- Product Thumbnail quality enhanced
- Timestamp bug in catalogue download fixed

[New From v 3.2.1]
- Multiple bugs fixed
- Secret Features added

[New From v 3.1.9]
- Security bug fixed

[New From v 3.1.8]
- Save DPI Feature added
- Export Catalogue bug fixed
- 3.1.7 clean installation bug fixed

[New From v 3.1.7]
- Favourites Feature Enhanced
- PDF Order Feature added

[New From v 3.1.6]
- Get favourites from Mobile Device Feature added
- Catalogue switching bug fixed
- No Products Found in search, Notification added
- No Products Found from barcode scan/input, Notification Added
- Max Search results increased to 500
- Search Feature enhanced.

[New From v 3.1.5]
- Catalogue update feature enhanced

[New From v 3.1.4]
- Caching bug when update catalogue fixed

[New From v 3.1.3]
- Price Calc (Sourcer) bug fixed

[New From v 3.1.2]
- Update Catalogue Feature Enhanced (Start, Pause, Resume, Stop)

[New From v 3.1.1]
- Export Bug Fixed
- PDF parser feature added (Beta)
- Update Catalogue bug fixed

[New From v 3.0.8]
- MessageBox from CTRL-A feature removed
- Username is now stored.
- Missing 1 file in catalogue download bug Fixed
- Click DPI bug fixed
- Export tab enhanced
- "Select all" button added to Search tab
- List comparison Feature added (CTRL-L) click when inside catalogue to compare with favourites

[New From v 3.0.7]
- Select complete Catalogue with CTRL-A feature added
- Update Catalogue section enhanced
- Favourite Bug Fixed

[New From v. 3.0.6]
- Image bug fixed

[New From v. 3.0.5]
- DPI bug fixed
- General calculation bug fixed

[New From v. 3.0.4]
- Windows XP/Vista/7 bug fixed
- License System removed

[New From v. 3.0.3]
- Missing Catalogue Image fixed

[New From v. 3.0.2]

- Several minor bugs fixed

[New From v 3.0.1]

- Major Improvements

[New From v. 2.0.11]

- Quick Image Upload Autocompletion now optional
- Installation bug from v. 2.0.10 fixed
- Layout Engine updated
- Save favourites as PDF when PDF already open bug fixed

[New From v. 2.0.10]

- Quick Image Upload feature added
- Product Viewer is now a Single Instance Application
- System Tray Icon added
- Several bugs fixed

[New From v. 2.0.9]

- Catalogue Download feature enhanced
- Several other bugs fixed

[New From v. 2.0.8]

- Detailed Product Information (DPI) feature added

[New From v. 2.0.7]

- Windows 7 64bit bug fixed
- Select all products as favourites feature added
- Reindex search bug fixed
- New Help/system information feature added
- Cancel catalogue update bug fixed
- Missing frontpage image feature added
- Old favourite system removed from code

[New From v. 2.0.6]

- Decimal bug on non danish machines fixed
- Several other bugs fixed

[New From v. 2.0.5]

- Catalogue layout overflow on widescreen bug fixed
- Other layout updates

[New From v. 2.0.4]

- Export Catalogue to PDF feature added
- Several bugs fixed

[New From v. 2.0.3]

- Several bugs fixed

[New From v. 2.0.1]

- CSV & PDF files now usable
- Search feature added
- Favourite System updated
- Other Multiple major changes

[New From v.]

- New Licensing System
- New Layout
- Download only new files from catalogue
- Multiple minor changes

[New From v.]

- US System locale layout error solved

[New From v.]

- Bluetooth/scanner interface removed. Please use Operating System Bluetooth to connect to scanner

[New From v.]

- Last Connected Scanner Error Solved

[New From v.]

- Startup/Shutdown Errors Solved

[New From v.]

- Bluetooth Keyboard Connection Errors Solved
- Bottom status indicator Now visible in 5 sec.
- Bottom status indicator Font enlarged
- Manual barcode enter timeout set to 2.5 sec.

[New From v.]

- Catalogue download no longer available with v.

[New From v.]

- Release Notes is shown on first start after update Added
- Opening Corrupted PDF's Error Solved
- Thumbnail enable/disable Feature Added
- Catalogue Download Password Protection Added
- Barcode Scanning Added
- Bluetooth Keyboard Connection Feature Added
- Multiple Catalogue Feature Added

[New From v.]

- Automatic Scrollbars on Favourite List Added
- Software Update Error Solved

[New From v.]

- View Product Startup Zoom issue on 4/3 aspect monitors solved
- Comfirmation on "Empty Favourite List" Added

[New From v.]

- Flicking through pages (when on last page hitting next will now go to first page and opposite)

First Release v.

Known Issues:

- PDF filenames in Product Catalogue MUST NOT contain (+ or &)
- Do not save your files under "Hac-IT_PV\product_PDF" They will be deleted upon Catalogue Update

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